The drawings benchmark what's streaming through a participant's unique "mind-body" (whole system). Each participant completes a series of 12 drawings, throughout the 6 week, 12-hour course. 

They are another tool used to reveal, “accord or discord, possibility or limitation” within the participant. When either shows up and the participant “sees what's streaming through," they emerge as life-long natural communicators, natural “Expressors”.

Just by training in observing their drawings, what comes out of their mouths, the science of their relationship with all that’s here, or listening fully to another, their observation (awareness) becomes the driver of their advancement. With greater awareness of what's perceivable, the "greater" a participant speaks anywhere, anytime, with anyone, with grace and ease. 

Contact us for presenting The Drawings to your group, or organization . . . while we have a conversation on kids and 21st century communication. 

Click here to review an adult drawing series at A kids' series will be posted soon.

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