How SPEAKOLOGY participants, and their parents, feel . . .

What I loved most about her program . . . she challenges them to notice, observe, recognize their thoughts . . . I am very happy to have entrusted my kids to her . . .
— Mom
This class had a big impact. I was able to give my Book Talk in school easily.
— Will, age 13
Dana does an excellent job of creating an ‘emotional playground’ to explore an ‘play’ in. She allows her clients to see the big picture, as well as the fine details. Dana stokes a person’s fire and makes sure that they see who they are, and where they want to make their place in the world. She is positive, energetic, and knowledgeable
— Christopher Dixon Organizational Psychologist
This class helped me see my connection to thoughts and feelings and what’s tangible and intangible, causing me to wonder about ordinary items!
— Amy, age 11
I think it gave my daughters ages 9 and 12 an edge in preparing and sharing, (which also means
listening carefully to others).
— Mom
My daughter age 7 being a very shy girl in public, turned out to be very confident after SPEAKOLOGY . . . it was a great joy watching her articulate in front of people on graduation day!
— Mom
Dana, thank you for coaching our son for the essay section of the SSAT. You really helped him reach inside and unlock his innate creativity. We just received the results, and his scores were pretty good, but his essay blew me away. The creativity and story line are absolutely awesome! And that in a test room under time pressure? Clearly, a big block has been removed compared to the repetitive “follow-the-rules-and-keep-out-of-trouble” type essays he’d written for school, justly complaining it’s boring. You really let the genie out of the bottle, he has learned to have the courage to access and express his inner feelings. Thank you for this wonderful gift!
— A.R., Dad of 7th Grade son
When I’m in Dana’s presence, I feel anything is possible. I mentally refer to her words of wisdom and positive attitude whenever I become stuck. Dana is truly an amazing person!
— Marion M., age 56