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WHAT IS SPEAKOLOGY? In February of 2011, SPEAKOLOGY, a 12-hour, outside-of-school, scientific identity-exploration and communication program, with a focus on understanding the art of public speaking, was offered to nine year old twin sisters, in a church in Princeton, NJ. Since then, hundreds of students, ages 7 to 17, learning the same material together, have gathered in groups of 5-15, driving the success, the rock-solid-confidence, creativity, and resilience of the group; allowing them to have an indispensable impact on each other, their schools, communities, country, and the world — FOR LIFE. In 2012 private learning sessions were added to powerfully advance each student. In 2016 SPEAKOLOGY offered adult trainings.

WHAT’S THE BENEFIT? Through an identity-exploration focus, SPEAKOLOGY ignites the peaceful development of creative potential within each participant; resulting in people who can easily express themselves, are even better listeners and who make a beneficial difference where they live, attend school, work — and beyond, learning through, 

  • one-on-one and group games

  • role-play/expressive dialogue

  • movement

  • Music

  • writing

  • drawing

  • reading/reciting

  • observing nature, the environment

  • observing the senses, mind and emotions

  • body language exercises

  • dynamic Challenge assignments

  • learning dialogues

  • oral presentations

5 LEARNING OBJECTIVES: SPEAKOLOGY is for young people, (now adults too) who are ready to:

1) Gain a greater understanding and sense of their identity; maximizing personal fulfillment and confidence.

2) Improve their ability to observe (become aware of), and integrate knowledge from this bigger-picture perspective, which positively stimulates the imagination, confidence and personal fulfillment.

3) Improve current and reveal new communication talents and capabilities.

4) Embrace change and time as an ally.

5) Become innovative collaborators and joyful, life-long learners. Curiosity becomes a driver.


WHY DOES IT WORK? Group games, expressive dialogue, writing exercises, sensory awareness practices, art, music, dynamic weekly Challenge assignments and a self-scoring system, move all participants to realize the 5 Learning Objectives. 

Through experiencing the SPEAKOLOGY dialogue, and super fun practices, participants begin to understand who they are, in relation to all that’s here. Through scientific exploration they begin to comprehend such knowledge as, without air (oxygen) and the rest of Nature, they wouldn’t exist. Or at least they wouldn’t exist as they currently do. For many, this relationship is quite powerful to realize. The unit on Nature, is intensely beneficial toward positively shifting a participants understanding of who they are. Their identity becomes much larger than they believed. Their self confidence scores go up. They begin to speak with grace and ease.

Participants also learn that they naturally come equipped to innovate, collaborate, and they begin to pay attention to their cognitive, imaginative, physical, and emotional selves — which supports a positively new identity understanding. Which reveals common ground, among their uniqueness. This creates safety and an inspired environment.

Concluding the 12-hour, 6-week, educational-training, participants give 3-minute presentations, in a “Town Hall” format, with Q&A (questions/answers), to a live audience. Achievement is experienced. SPEAKOLOGY Certificates of Communication are awarded. Food, drinks and lots of exciting dialogue happens.

SPEAKOLOGY trainings are offered to kids as 12-hour, 4 or 6-week, educational-trainings, as three 4-hour workshops and in individual coaching sessions. For adults the training extends to 16-hours. All public trainings are held at Tigerlabs, 252 Nassau Street, Princeton, NJ 08542.

Trainings are also offered in schools, wellness organizations, clubs, and camps.

Whether parent or educator, get in touch with us for a SPEAKOLOGY dialogue regarding your kids, and a Proof of Concept" paper, for further understanding.

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