SA60 is an assessment of your child's/teen's "state of verbal expression".

Before Registering for an assessment ASK YOURSELF IF…

1.     ...your child/teen’s teachers(s) says s/he doesn’t raise her/his hand in class, or participate in class, as much as they’d like?
2.     ...your child works well in groups in school? Outside of school? Other: e.g., sports, enrichment classes?
3.     ...your child can speak effortlessly in one environment, yet s/he becomes quiet, or silent, in another?
4.    ...your child is comfortable speaking before groups of 25 (+) people of a lll ages, s/he doesn’t know?
5.     ...your child is only comfortable speaking with those s/he knows?
6.     ...your child makes eye-contact when s/he speaks with anyone, peer, or adult?
7., or others, often ask your child to repeat what s/he’s said?
8.    ... you, or others, often ask your child to slow down when s/he speaks?
9., or others, often ask your child to speak louder?

If you have any concerns, please use, or 609-915-1999 to contact Dana Lichtstrahl.

A SPEAKOLOGY Assessment60 (SA60) is 60 minutes; 40 minutes with the child, and 20 minutes with the parent, or caregiver, in which an overview of your child’s current “state of verbal-expression” is examined and discussed; to know where his/her verbal "flows" are, and even more important, their "block(s)".
You’ll also be advised of “next best steps" to ensure your child can speak anywhere, anytime, with anyone, with grace and ease, uniquely.

If you have any questions please use;, or +1-609-915-1999, to contact Dana Lichtstrahl, or simply click "Add to Cart", fill out the short form (that pops-up), and then hit "check out".  Once your payment is received, she will contact you and schedule an SA60.

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