Kids and Their Devices: Seeking further experiences?

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I was asked by a friend and colleague, “What do we do, about kids who have their heads stuck in their cell phones?” It’s a question of great concern for many parents; which included the both of us. So as we drank our tea, I responded . . .

I have this theory about why so many kids gravitate toward cell phones and other devices . . . First, kids ages 0-6, form patterns quickly and deeply, within their physical-system. If they’re getting the opportunity to interact with electronic devices between those ages, they will be establishing sticky patterns with those devices as they age. 

And even more important is, kids love to play and experience stuff. Their imaginations are on fire. They’re curious. Their states of awareness are heightened. They have fun experiencing virtual realities in physical play, or electronic play; socially and individually.

Most kids with their heads drawn to the light of a screen, have never been taught that they come equipped to experience an infinite number of virtual realities — naturally and just as vividly — without electronics (e.g., imagination)!

Our current k-12 curricula, nor much of our current parenting, redirects kids from focusing on an electronic device, (all that exciting hardware and software), and instead to using their natural devices; all that miraculous mind-body hardware and software; that can experience extraordinary natural states of awareness and information. After all, all of the electronic software we develop, arises from those natural states of ours (e.g., imagination, dreams).

Our computational ability far surpasses any technology existing. We’ve labeled some of our mind-body attributes, “extra sensory perception” (ESP); the ability to perceive in a variety of different ways, along with our daily awake state. Yet “extra sensory,” is a natural and normal aspect of our functionality. There really is nothing “extra” about our sense abilities and, as kids, we naturally play in those states. 

I think kids today are showing us that they’re ready, and deeply interested in new experiences; virtual or otherwise. If they were taught about their natural attributes, capabilities and functionalities (potential to experience), so that they may experience something beyond their current daily-life focus which may not be challenging enough, or interesting enough, their device-usage would be more balanced. And all-around fear regarding that usage, would dissolve. Since many kids really haven’t been taught about their built-in imaginative, cognitive, emotional attributes; they do what’s been patterned, what’s known; electronic VS natural.

Guiding parents and their kids in grades k-12, to become fully aware of, and knowledgable about, their natural states of awareness, inner-perception, the unique information there — all of their virtual realities (core identity)  would go a long way toward getting kids’ heads out of an external electronic screen, and into their internal natural “screen” — as a first choice.

Parents - for ways to guide your kids toward using MORE of their natural attributes, to further extraordinarily positive experiences in their life, contact me (Dana B. Lichtstrahl), at We can even set up private parent classes - online or in-person.

“Dana, thank you for coaching our son . . . You really helped him reach inside and unlock his innate creativity . . .”
— A.R., Dad of 7th grader