A new way of learning has emerged, due to advances in scientific and psychological knowledge. This new way of learning seems to advance not only the ability of one’s intellect, yet it stimulates the awareness of a greater number of ideas.

It is working with kids ages 7-17, (here at speakology.us) and I wish to find out if the same curriculum–wrapped in a public speaking/communications cover–will have outstanding results with adults too. As we know, learning happens differently at different ages, and uniquely at that.

If this curriculum, teaching a new way of learning, is effective with adults, participants will leave the program and beneficially effect your entire organization–naturally.

If you’re a part of an organization that seeks some revitalization, has teams of 2-12 people, and you have an interest in them experiencing one of the five (5) pilots, and possibly becoming highly effective Innovators, contact me at dlichtstrahl@gmail.com (cut and paste for your protection).

Each of the five (5) pilots is a 12-hour program; 2-hours weekly for six (6) weeks. The training is at your location, in a room large enough, with tables and chairs. I bring everything else, and it’s recorded for deeper study towards a greater understanding of adults.

Thank you for working with me on advancing the whole–together. PS: I’d even test this with students at the university level, so academic leaders don’t hesitate to step forward.