"Giving people new, useful information regarding the fundamentals of their human potential, benefits everyone--globally." -- Dana Lichtstrahl

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Dana Lichtstrahl, author, facilitator, innovator

"For more than 30 years I've been exploring the art and science of communication and expression, while shaping branding and awareness campaigns for entrepreneurs and organizations. The field of human potential and identity is my passion, and in the spring of 2011, it drew me deep into the creation of SPEAKOLOGY, a program that clarifies, encourages and advances the natural speaking style and unique expression of each participant—FOR LIFE.

I facilitate from a comprehensive knowledge-base, with a focus on understanding who we are (our identity), in relation to all that's around us. I continue to be a student of whole-systems understanding, and so attention is given to exploring the human ability to observe, (to watch, become "aware of").  Within the 12-hour programs, I witness powerful, compassionate communicators emerge; a win-win FOR ALL.

The integration of ages in many of the trainings, makes for a richer experience, while preparing each participant to be solidly comfortable, with all ages, as they advance in life."

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C: 609-915-1999

W: www.danalichtstrahl.com