The Outcome: speaking with grace and ease anywhere, anytime, with anyone.

Kids today, live in a world of amplified information, much of it powered by electronics, and little of it by their own choosing (before age 6). Many experience a significant challenge in knowing who they are in relation to all that’s here and, speaking confidently, effectively, with resilience.

That's why there's SPEAKOLOGY. Speakology students gets results faster. Their self-scores are proof.

We've added adult trainings too.


The Drawings

At the beginning and end of every session, each participant is given a piece of paper that looks like the picture above. They must finish the lines within those squares. They have a spectrum of colored markers to choose from or, they may use a pen, or pencil. These lines are from the Torrence Test of Creative Thinking. They benchmark what's streaming through a child's mind; critical information regarding their speaking patterns and their potential.

The Drawings>


Founder, facilitator, author, educator, coach, mentor, "reflector", guide to the "big-picture perspective", Dana Lichtstrahl produces educational SPEAKOLOGY trainings, in which each participant unlocks their full potential for unique expression, insight and action; toward their best life.

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“There's an expression among software developers, "G.I.G.O" (garbage in, garbage out). When it comes to people, it’s the same — with kids especially. The information we "take in" is directly related to our “output”; our speaking experience in particular is influenced by this. In this Blog, I will aim to stay away from any “garbage” and instead offer useful information regarding who we are, and our amazing ability to speak effortlessly, with grace and ease.”
- Dana B. Lichtstrahl

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