The Outcome: awareness, confidence and speaking with grace and ease.

Kids today, live in a world of amplified information, much of it powered by electronics, and little of it by their own choosing (before age 6). Many experience a significant challenge in knowing who they are, in relation to all that’s here, and speaking confidently, creatively and with resilience.

That's why there's SPEAKOLOGY. Speakology students gets results faster. Their self-scores are proof.

We've added adult trainings too.


The Drawings

At the beginning and end of every session, each participant is given a piece of paper that looks like the picture above. They must finish the lines within those squares. They have a spectrum of colored markers to choose from or, they may use a pen, or pencil. These lines are from the Torrence Test of Creative Thinking. They benchmark what's streaming through a child's mind; critical information regarding their speaking patterns and their potential.

The Drawings>


Founder, facilitator, author, educator, coach, mentor, "reflector", guide to the "big-picture perspective", Dana Lichtstrahl produces educational SPEAKOLOGY trainings, in which each participant unlocks their full potential for unique expression, insight and action; toward their best life.

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“There's an expression among software developers, "G.I.G.O" (garbage in, garbage out). When it comes to people, it’s the same — with kids especially. The information we "take in" is directly related to our “output”; our speaking experience in particular is influenced by this. In this Blog, I will aim to stay away from any “garbage” and instead offer useful information regarding who we are, and our amazing ability to speak effortlessly, with grace and ease.”
- Dana B. Lichtstrahl

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